Our Options

  • Development of a robotic welding cell
  • Cost effective as the design is kept simple
  • Flexible for small production runs
  • The workpiece is held by RPS points according to customer specifications
  • Fixing by hand or pneumatic clamp possible

Mounting Fixtures

  • Fixture integrated into roller carriages, also typically supplied on complete profile system work station or on a simple aluminium base plate
  • Mount using RPS positioning elements
  • It is possible to clamp the elements using the requested manual clamping device, a pneumatically locked manual clamping device, pneumatic clamping device etc.
  • Provision for correct insulation and electric current dissipation.

Emergency Strategy

  • Independent, automated circumferential welding machine
  • Complete in-house development
  • Manual set-up, automated clamping and processing

Cutter Jaws/Manual and Robot Tongs

Performance Overview

  • PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance)
  • Overhaul of manual and robot welding tongs
  • Measurement on 3D measuring machine
  • Manufacture/repair of tong arms
  • Over 25 years experience
  • High customer satisfaction (VW, Tower)

Tong arms

  • All shapes and radii possible
  • Manufactured from copper, brass or aluminium as requested
  • Excellent cooperation with satisfied customers going back over 25 years
  • Short lead times
  • Cost-effective manufacturing thanks to single-stop source
  • Repair of tong arms
  • Surface treatment of aluminium arms
  • Manufacture according to drawing or sample
  • Preparation of a drawing is always offered for production based on a sample
  • Bending of brass arms on a roller table
  • Diameters up to 60 mm

Electrode Cooling

  • Manufacturing of every cooling variant
  • For greater safety, each cooling unit is made from copper not plastic
  • Increased service life of the tong arm

Cooling and Clamps

  • Any required variant possible
  • All clamps can be manufactured in-house
  • The service life of the tong arm is increased by use of a Monel bushing.
  • Quick arm repair by changing the bush
  • As with tong arms all variants are also possible for electrode holders
  • All radiuses can be manufactured
  • Use of Monel bushing for longer life of the electrode holder

Support Sleeves / Reinforcing Sleeves

  • Manufacture of reinforcing sleeves for tong arms
  • Custom-made based on customer sample or drawing

Repair of Robot and Manual Tongs

  • Repair of robotic and manual calipers
  • Complete maintenance
  • Measure robotic calipers
  • Maintenance with a clearly defined basic scope
  • Rapid maintenance times between three and seven weeks

Robot Tongs

  • Measurement of the tongs upon delivery
  • Complete maintenance
  • Carry out the commissioned services
  • Perform measurements and produce the measurement report
  • 24-hour test run of pneumatics
  • Delivery
  • Two docking plates are required