We are a longstanding and leading manufacturer
of production equipment for vehicle batteries

To manufacture vehicle batteries, multiple electrode plates must be arranged in individual isolated battery cells within the battery case. To do so, the electrode plates are grouped together in individual packs and assigned to the battery cells.

The necessary individual processing steps are carried out in a total of 14 sequentially arranged process stations.

We have developed a system for constructing  battery sets (adjustable battery size – up to six sizes) with the following operating steps:

  • Set thickness measurement
  • Buffer
  • Insert and line up in the system
  • Tin-plate
  • Cast bridges and poles
  • Box in battery case
  • Weight measurement final check

We have further developed the design based on our many years' experience in the manufacture of production systems for automotive batteries. We have currently just modified the assembly loaders, double grippers, feed conveyors, boxing station, spreading frame and fillers to optimize the cycle time and ease of maintenance, as well as reduce setup times.

Worthy of mention amongst the particular advantages of the new development are:

  • Less space required
  • Faster to operate, quicker changing of the battery templates
  • Easier to maintain

We hold several international patents, including a patent for the device for assembling and equipping automotive battery cases as a compact system, comprising several manufacturing stations and the associated transport equipment.

Our systems are in use worldwide by our customers.