For us, good service starts straightaway at the initial project stage. Our staff are on-hand and involved right from the planning phase with cross-disciplinary expertise. Therefore we are able to minimize subsequent maintenance effort right from the outset. This applies just as much to welding technology as it does to conveyors or special purpose machinery. However, good service is also demonstrated when the worst-case scenario occurs. Then we get to you quickly, day, night or weekend. That's a promise!

Maintenance / Customer Service

  • Preparation of maintenance instructions and lubrication plans
  • Spare part and consumables planning
  • Regular mandatory inspections
  • Maintenance, as well as major and general repairs


Machine Parameter
3D coordinate measuring machine X 4970mm / Y 2000mm / Z 3000mm

Machining centres

X 1000mm / Y 600mm / Z 600mm

Drilling machines

X 2000mm / Y 1600mm / Z 1500mm / W 550 mm

Milling machine with swivelling head

X 4000mm / Y 1400mm / Z 1200mm


Center height 310 mm
Center length bis 2000 mm

Bending technology and Plate shears

3000 mm bis 16 mm Sheet thickness

Band saw system

600 mm x 450 mm bis 12 m
0 - 45°