An enclosed trailer and a standard tractor unit are used. Up to 48 workpiece carriers can be loaded per trailer in two layers, one on top of another and three rows alongside one another. Filled containers are loaded on both levels, while only the lower level is loaded for empty pallets. A safety/locking mechanism prevents the load from slipping during transport. The driver of the tractor manoeuvres the trailer to the back of the hall.

After reaching the docking position, the driver couples the trailer to the stationary conveyor equipment using the two cables supplied with the truck.
The driver starts the unloading operation.
Once the operation is complete, the driver confirms this on the control panel. 

In contrast with the various trailers that we have equipped in the past, we have for the first time used an accumulating roller conveyor this year. 

This new technology provides the following advantages:

  • The system is set up quickly
  • The system is installed quickly
  • Easier to maintain = maintenance savings
  • Modular construction of the components = space saving
  • Safety (inspection of the conveyors through the checker plate cover)
  • Components can be replaced quickly = shorter downtimes
  • The entire system can be quickly swapped over to another trailer

In 2016 we applied for a patent for the newly deployed drive technology.