Roller Conveyors

  • Very high carrying capacity
  • Various roll widths
  • Extendable
  • Large contact area
  • Long service life

Accumulating Roller Conveyors

  • Very high weights possible
  • Very easy to stack by inserting stoppers
  • Workpiece carrier required

Chain Conveyors

  • High weights can be conveyed
  • Two or more chain lanes
  • For pallets or workpiece carriers
  • Price advantage compared with roll conveyors

Monorail Conveyors

  • Rapid transport
  • Low noise
  • Careful transprt

Band/Belt Conveyor

  • Long conveyor lengths, conveyor volumes, and conveyor speeds
  • Transport that protects the product
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Transport of general cargo
  • Predominantly for lower weights

Overhead monorail (OM)

In certain cases overhead monorails are used to transport car bodies, the bodies being moved through the production facilities suspended from hangers held on specially developed running gear.

Skid Conveying Technology

During final assembly, chassis are transported on skids. We develop and supply the entire conveyor technology, such as roller conveyors, skids, and manual workstations.


Corner Conveyors

  • It is possible to change direction using corner conveyors
  • Conveyor direction is changed through 90°
  • Transported material is carried further by raising and lowering the corner conveyor at right angles
  • Saves space as it is integrated into conveyor technology

Rotary Table

  • Possible to change the conveyor direction through 360°
  • More flexible than a corner conveyor
  • Used to change direction
  • Conveyor track including rotary table remains at the same level

Lift Mechanism

  • Integrated within the conveyor technology
  • Its purpose is to bridge differences in height
  • Available in all sizes, from box to car body
  • Also suitable for large weights

Safety Fence

  • Its purpose is to secure the system
  • Worker operational safety
  • Crimped mesh or macrolon construction
  • At least one safety door installed
  • Door security according to customer requirements
  • System automatically switches off when the door is opened