PVC Application

Uses robotics

  • In-house development of tools and supports
  • Use of a 7-axis robot with application heads for the application of liquid PVC

Expanding Nut Setting Machine

Expanding nuts are indispensable in industrial mass production. Sasit has developed a process for the fully automated positioning of expanding nuts that can be adapted to any customer requirement. Sasit has held the patent for this since 2006. The cycle times for manufacture, particularly for final assembly, are considerably reduced as a result. This process is tailor-made, safe and highly efficient. There is no better way of describing the benefit to the customer.

Underbody Protection/Industrial Robot

The underbody of a vehicle is exposed to high stresses, such as from stone chips and wetting with aggressive salts. The underbody is coated with PVC to combat corrosion. This is carried out with millimetre-accuracy, e.g. for joint sealing, using special application heads and robotic control technology. Maximum accuracy dynamic application is achieved thanks to special double dosing technology which moreover enables application of endless seams.

Joint Sealing

Inner and outer weld seams, as well as overlapping sheets, are sealed with a special PVC material to prevent the subsequent ingress of water. This prevents crevice corrosion. Use of the latest robotics ensures an application that is always clean, absolutely perfect and precise.

Application to the Sills

To protect vehicle sills against stone chips, these are automatically fully PVC coated using a special stencilling technology. 

An application head, designed in-house for this purpose, ensures that only the sill area is coated with PVC and this with very high-edge definition, leaving the still to be painted area above free of PVC. As a result any additional equipment and devices needed to shield the sills and prevent unwanted PVC application is no longer needed.

Sprayable Insulating Mats

Automatic application using the latest robotic technology is increasingly replacing manual insertion of mats for reasons of cost and flexibility. The sprayable insulating material is applied to the insulating surfaces using in-house purpose-developed nozzle technology. Additional benefits of this new technology are a reduction of production and storage areas and the resulting logistics costs. Moreover quality is improved thanks to 100% reproducibility.